icecreamThat moment, when every cell in your body screams „I love this! Sh*t, nice!“  When the whole world vanishes around you while doing yoga, rocking a client project – or coloring in a template, which definitively has the „sh*t , nice!“-factor.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel „sh*t, nice!“ at work. „Nice“ alone doesn’t do the trick for me. But how is this connected to ice cream?

The missing link here is Uma boa dose, which is Portuguese for „a good dose of“. Every month, Uma boa dose promotes a good dose of happiness, mindfulness, balance and so on. Each month has a theme that is connected to fostering a positive outlook on life.

According to its founder Ana Metz, Uma boa dose is „a Brazilian initiative that aims to inspire people through online content and offline projects, to appreciate their lives and do good“. And as coloring in is such a thing these days that helps adults to be creative, release stress, activate both brain hemispheres and be in the present moment, I was asked to design mandala-like templates for Uma boa dose.

IMG_7522Of course I said yes, loud and clear. This month’s topic is „optimism“, which instantly reminded me of San Francisco: On the way to find breakfast one sunday morning, we came across a sign stating „anything’s popsicle“, illustrated with an actual ice lolly. Ever since, ice cream equals optimism for me. I even have ice-cream socks as a reminder that, in fact, anything IS popsicle/ possible. Therefore, the optimism-mandala had to be one created out of different ice creams.

This is how a great side project and very fun collaboration started. Sitting at my drawing table, I couldn’t do anything but smiling as I magically entered that joyful timeless „sh*t, nice!“-space again. It mostly happens while drawing, writing and working with people. „Sh*t, nice!“ is the ultimate feeling of confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. As if my unconsciousness shouts „keep moving in that direction, fella“.

This feeling is like a compass that is much more precise than setting certain goals. It allows for instant feedback and course-correction, because it focusses on the now rather than on the achievement part: if it’s not „sh*t, nice!“ anymore, do something about it.

For example, check out Uma boa dose’s facebook link or directly download the ice cream mandala, print out the template, grab your crayons and enter the zen-zone.

Feel free to post your colored mandalas in the comment section below. What makes you enter that timeless joyful place of „sh*t, nice!“ / being present/ being in the now? Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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