(c) Martin Rink Fotografie

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work! For the sake of pitching: I’m a highly visual person enjoying color, concepts, and content, I’m based in Hamburg, yet love to travel, and I’m trained, skilled and interested in a whole lot of different things, including:

+ graphic facilitation & recording + design thinking + council consultation + kaospilot + social entrepreneurship + graphic novel for social change + illustration + exploration + co-creation + peaceful revolution + ritual design + active experimenting + give and take +

Curious? No need to be shy! Get in touch, check out my sketchnote bio or read more about my Action Research Trip in the first blog post.

Ach ja, auf Deutsch geht natürlich auch. Im Moment arbeite ich an einer zweisprachigen Version dieser Seite und bitte um ein wenig Geduld. Herzlichen Dank!

Looking forward to getting to know you,

anna fritsche contact4


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