In summer 2012, I received this card from my best friend Neele. It was a sweet note wishing me all the best for the journey that would begin a few weeks later: being one of fifteen pioneers at KaosPilot Switzerland’s first team ever, Team Sui 1.

Three years later, there are many stories to tell, which are entertaining, full of learnings and adventure, both stories of failure and successes.

However, this blog is not about the stories behind me, but about the stories in front of me. In 3 years of KaosPiloting around in Bern, Berlin, Cape Town and San Francisco, I re-vitalized the peaceful activist inside of me and found graphic recording and graphic facilitation to be my passion. At the end, I dared to persue my dreams and worked together with the source of graphic facilitation David Sibbet at the Grove in San Francisco. Four weeks ago, I graduated as KaosPilot. One chapter closes, another one begins.

The world’s your oyster – what’s next?

So here I am, human powerpoint, hippie version 2.0. According to Colb’s Learning Cycle, I’ve entered yet another phase of active experimenting. That’s what this blog really is all about.

ColbAnd chairman panda is still with me. Why? Because this world needs a revolution. To balance giving and taking. To find new ways of living without destroying what keeps us alive. And we need you for the revolution. The panda reminds me of the importance of small scale actions multiplied by many. That we all count. That our desires matter and we need to dare greatly to move towards them.

But how? To figure that out and to keep the learning cycle spinning, I decided to go on an action research field trip.

Action Research Field Trip

The idea is to live in Amsterdam (check!), Berlin, Hamburg and Copenhagen during the next 10 weeks, find purpuseful work, make new friends and prototype living in different urban environments across Europe.

At this stage, I’m mainly interested in

  • nice persons and companies working in the field of innovation, design thinking, graphic facilitation, art and social change
  • social activism, alternative forms of living, life hacks to make this world a healthier, more sustainable, happier place
  • how to make a graphic novel for social change: from content to storyboard to drawing to digital stuff.

That’s about it for now.

Oh wait, one last thing. This journey is about you as well. Yes, YOU! Because you will shape my experience by reading and commenting it. If you know someone I should meet, please write a comment and tell me! If you have an idea what I should do, share it. Ultimatively, this blog is about sharing and co-creating.

In return, I’ll share my next little and big adventures with you – and hopefully some ideas for a bright future.

Because we need you for the revolution.


Veröffentlicht von annafritsche

Love thinking with my hands. And beyond.

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