af3The question how organizations will adapt to today’s multicomplex challenges, uncertainties and a fast evolving environment is a super interesting one to me. As the question how work itself will work during my lifespan and beyond.
One possible answer could be Holacracy, a new way of structuring work that challenges organizational status quo.

The most interesting thing is that there are no more CEO’s, CFO’s and other job titles, but roles. Every person can hold multiple of those roles and therefore has several responsibilities. It’s a complex system based on trust, self-motivation, a strict regime of spot-on meetings and communication in between the whole and its parts.

There’s a whole book written about it and several Holacracy coaches out there helping organizations to make the shift towards becoming a holocratic organization, it’s not my intention at all to sum things up in a paragraph. Go educate yourself about it, it’s pretty cool.

However, what I want to share with you is that I’ve been kindly invited to Vienna to join a Holacracy Intro-Workshop held by Evolution at Work and Dwarfs and Giants. And my sketchnotes, even though they are in German… Enjoy!

And I’m super excited to do the graphic recording tomorrow at Future Lab: Next Organizing in beautiful Vienna. Stay tuned!

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