IMG_9246 (1)„May you live in interesting times“ is a Chinese curse, so the British say. Although there’s no equivalent in Chinese, one thing is certain: all of us DO indeed live in interesting times, wether we see it as a curse or blessing.

Challenge accepted!

Time has come to leave Hamburg and move on to Berlin.

Exploring Hamburg’s entrepreneurial scene was fun, a lot of cool stuff is happening in Germany’s most beautiful city. In the past two-and-something weeks, I went to several meet ups like 12min.me, checked out several co-working spaces, connected to NGO’s like greenpeace, met a bunch of inspiring people in nice cafés and even went to Illustratoren Stammtisch, a monthly meeting of illustrators, comic lovers and other creatives. As well, it was extremely helpful to meet a couple of graphic recorders and learn more about their work.

IMG_9174It’s been a great time to get a feel of the city and enjoy its treats: the amazingly cool humor of the people, fun nights out in St. Pauli, evening runs at the harbor, colorful street festivals, touristy stuff like Speicherstadt, Fischmarkt and Rathaus, great times with new friends and warm summer nights at the beach.

Hamburg’s vegan scene (that I of course needed to check out, too) is yummy in the true sense of the word, so Anna Lena and me enjoyed a great vegan brunch thanks to Vincent Vegan the day before leaving Hamburg. This was especially interesting, because she is one of the first graphic recorders in Germany, has several years of work experience and a major interest in making the world a better/ more colorful/ more sustainable place. And she just came back from POC21, an innovation camp for eco hacking and open source sustainability. Can it get more exciting than that?!

Through our talk, I got much clearer how I want to create my own future: working self-authored in a team to get inspiration and feedback, strengthening my facilitation skills and last but not least, using graphic recording & facilitation as tool to help visualizing and birthing ideas and inventions that pave the way into a sustainable future and society.

IMG_9139Moving on to Berlin is a great moment to pause, reflect and make some course-corrections to be ready for the next steps. For example, keeping a razor sharp focus on sustainability and share more about my findings on this blog, too.

Mapping cool stuff that’s happening in Berlin & beyond, from D-School to urban gardening. Finding out more about conferences like POC21 and other inspiring get togethers of game changers and get involved. Visualizing parts of the books I’m currently reading: „This changes everything. Climate vs. Capitalism“ by Naomi Klein, „This year will be different“ by Monika Kanokova and „Reinventing Organizations“ by Frederic Laloux.

Which parts of the journey do you want me to share, dear reader?

What would be of most interest for you?

Thank you so much for your feedback!

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