decisionImagine being in a room full of people. You want to do something, solve a problem, present an idea. A brilliant idea. However, there are many brilliant ideas around, not only one, and it seems impossible to choose one.

Most people are rather uncomfortable in a situation like this. How to make a decision based on everyone’s opinion?

You may envision chaotic discussions at this stage. And there are other ways to find the option with the most support than going through a classic voting that allows for favoring one option only. Instead, you could ten-stone it.

Ten stoning is a process that is simple, effective and shows the group’s most to least desired options. Let’s take a closer look at how this works:

10 stone

At the end, it’s not only clear which option has the most support, but as well how the support is distributed between all of the options. It’s much more likely to get a realistic representation of interest and support than if people are allowed to only pick their favorite option.

So if you liked it then you should have put a stone on it! For sure you’ve noticed that the title of this post is a fun reference to a Beyoncé song. However, did you know that the music clip of „Single ladies“ works to the Ducktales theme song? Oh yes.

Why I even mention this? Because decision making can become very serious business, especially when there’s a lot at stake. Making important decisions can bring us to a tense place, aka. fight or flight mode. This state of being makes it a lot harder to see the bigger picture, to take in as many pieces of information, data and advice and to act upon it.

Yet, being open and considering is crucial to make well informed decisions. In contrast to fight or flight mode, when we manage to stay calm and relaxed it’s much more likey not to miss out on important details, make life growing decisions and even to enjoy the process – because you’re about to design the next steps, the future, create something big or small. Deciding equals crating. For an additional laugh along the way, go and watch that video clip now. It’s a minute well spent.

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