IMG_9212A good friend once said „I don’t have a plan. And I don’t have to have a plan. I’m just riding the waves“. As cool riding the waves is, keeping the overview and having a sense where the journey’s heading to never hurts. So what does a good visual bridge builder do? Sketching up a plan.

These days are all about balancing planning and surfing. It’s incredible how having a good overview on a piece of paper calms the mind and helps focussing. It’s not even necessary to have the perfect overview with all the to do lists, happenings of the days, meetings etc. That’s what my agenda is for, thank you very much. Otherwise, it would be just too overwhelming. The idea of having an overview is not to get stuck in the details, right?

But having a beautiful overview to track the milestones – aah! Feels like a relaxing hot bubble bath to the crazy navigator in my head.

A good eagle view is perfect to remember the important pieces of the journey and to look at the whole experience: hello plan. Then, shifting to mouse perspective to check off all the items of everyday’s business: howdy agenda & to do list. Shifting back and forth from eagle to mouse, bird of pray to actual pray, macro to micro helps me staying on track big times.

So here comes an updated overview of the past few days spent in Hamburg. More detailed blog posts will follow, there’s a lot of cool stuff happening worth writing about. But more about that in the next few days.

Enjoy the ART plan & stay curious!

IMG_9265What are your experiences with having visual plans?
How do you stay on track?

Please share your wisdom in the comments below.

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Love thinking with my hands. And beyond.


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