Boring meetings, only one more coffee away from heart attack and yet another hour to go? And then another Skype call, another session in the conference room?

I hear you. There’s a simple trick to stay on track, make sense out of the scenario you’re in and most importantly to not go bonkers. You may have guessed it already: take notes! Weiterlesen


IMG_9239There’s a lot of cool stuff to explore in Hamburg, especially in and around co-working spaces like Betahaus. It’s located in the middle of Schulterblatt, an alternative yet hip part of the city. That’s where this picture was taken: „one brain washes the other“.

What a perfect start to take a closer look at young urban creatives and where they  get their work done. Weiterlesen


IMG_9212A good friend once said „I don’t have a plan. And I don’t have to have a plan. I’m just riding the waves“. As cool riding the waves is, keeping the overview and having a sense where the journey’s heading to never hurts. So what does a good visual bridge builder do? Sketching up a plan. Weiterlesen