Boring meetings, only one more coffee away from heart attack and yet another hour to go? And then another Skype call, another session in the conference room?

I hear you. There’s a simple trick to stay on track, make sense out of the scenario you’re in and most importantly to not go bonkers. You may have guessed it already: take notes! Weiterlesen


IMG_9239There’s a lot of cool stuff to explore in Hamburg, especially in and around co-working spaces like Betahaus. It’s located in the middle of Schulterblatt, an alternative yet hip part of the city. That’s where this picture was taken: „one brain washes the other“.

What a perfect start to take a closer look at young urban creatives and where they  get their work done. Weiterlesen


IMG_9212A good friend once said „I don’t have a plan. And I don’t have to have a plan. I’m just riding the waves“. As cool riding the waves is, keeping the overview and having a sense where the journey’s heading to never hurts. So what does a good visual bridge builder do? Sketching up a plan. Weiterlesen


IMG_9143Life has an amazing way to pull you on track. You may know these phases when everything seems stuck, frozen, not moving at all. Then you turn around and all of a sudden, everything flows. Just happening right now.

My suspicion is this is possible because „going on an action research field trip to Hamburg, Berlin and Copenhagen“ is a very clear idea. Weiterlesen


icecreamThat moment, when every cell in your body screams „I love this! Sh*t, nice!“  When the whole world vanishes around you while doing yoga, rocking a client project – or coloring in a template, which definitively has the „sh*t , nice!“-factor.

I don’t know about you, but I want to feel „sh*t, nice!“ at work. „Nice“ alone doesn’t do the trick for me. But how is this connected to ice cream?


In summer 2012, I received this card from my best friend Neele. It was a sweet note wishing me all the best for the journey that would begin a few weeks later: being one of fifteen pioneers at KaosPilot Switzerland’s first team ever, Team Sui 1.

Three years later, there are many stories to tell, which are entertaining, full of learning and adventure, both stories of failure and successes. Weiterlesen